Our goal is simple: to enable our clients to get on with their important work, empowering them with the skills and tools they need, without increasing your blood pressure.

To this end we provide a range of services that you can make use of or not, as your situation demands:

Advice, guidance, consultancy: Call it what you like, often what is needed is some straightforward advice to help you see the wood for the trees. We'll happily engage in an initial discussion, without charge or obligation, to help us understand your situation and enable us to suggest some sensible options for the way forward. And if that means advising you not to take a course of action that would provide us with an opportunity to do business with you, so be it. We're not interested in selling services to people that don't need them.

Our focus is on building and maintaining web-based tools that support your organisation and give you control. So we choose world class open source software that doesn't tie you in to specific vendors or service providers, keeps your costs down (no licensing fees), and maximises your freedom of movement. More about our tools of choice.

We work alongside you to understand your organisation, its goals and challenges. Suitably informed we can then work with you to co-design and build a solution that is fit for purpose, providing your team with the knowledge and skills right from the beginning to enable you to be in control throughout.

And we won't leave you high and dry once things are up and running. Ongoing support, training, maintenance and development are all part of the process, giving you as much back-up as you need, when you need it.

In terms of hosting we are not tied to any one provider, choosing instead to select and recommend a hosting provider best suited to serve your needs, your target audience, and your budget.