Connecting Communities

mc3 is about connecting communities. Communities of interest, communities of practice, geographical communities.

We know from experience that online tools can greatly enhance the value and effectiveness of communities, adding to, or even substituting for, the important face to face connections that we make. Our work centres around making the best use of digital tools help your organisation communicate more effectively.

We understand open source software, we 'get' social media, we know how people like to work. We do tech, but we aren't geeks (well, maybe a little). We work primarily within the social economy: cooperatives, social enterprises, charities, voluntary sector organisations. Not-for-profit and more-than-profit organisations. We help them to build community, add value, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of what they do.

We analyse, strategise, plan, design, build, write, configure, edit, train, maintain, and support to suit your needs. We cover the spectrum from implementing a new CRM system through developing a content strategy, to builiding a new web application, though writing and editing content, to marketing planning and implementation. Multi-skilled, decades of experience, plenty of common sense, no BS.

To learn more about how we might be able to help your organisation, please contact us.