We now accept FairCoin

Around the beginning of 2015 we came across the work being done by FairCoop within the wider context of MC3's interest in the solidarity economy, civil society and the commons. One thing that really stood out in the FairCoop project was the adoption and use of a cryptocurrency, FairCoin, in support of FairCoop's vision.

Unlike many (most?) cryptocurrency initiatives, we saw that FairCoin was being carefully designed and developed in a different direction, and could provide a really valuable mechansm in support of social and solidarity economy initiatives. As a result we've decided to accept FairCoin as payment - initially part payment up to 15% of the total invoice value, while we see how things go - for the services that MC3 provides.

If you would like to find out more about FairCoin, or download your own wallet and purchase some FairCoin, contact us or take a look here.